An easy and affordable city to in which to live

You can feel confident buying a home in Great Falls. The housing market here has continued to see steady appreciation. Great Falls did not experience the deep drop off that was felt across most of the country during the 2008-09 recession. The stable and growing economy helped maintain a stable housing market.

There is presently a healthy inventory of houses on the market in the Great Falls area. They cover a wide range of prices, styles and sizes. Enough to satisfy most any home buyer. A median home price hovering around $186,000, makes owning a piece of the American dream a very real possibility. In fact, more than 60% of households in Great Falls are owner occupied.

Great Falls is an easy city to in which to live. You can walk out of work jump in your car and in most cases be home in just a few minutes. Traffic is not a problem and the town’s easy layout makes it a pleasant ride home. This leaves lots of time for family, friends or outdoor recreation activities.

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