Great Falls Top 5 Happiest Cities in Montana!

By October 30, 2014News

GREAT FALLS — A new survey has ranked the top ten happiest cities in Montana, and Great Falls came out looking pretty happy indeed.

The website Credit Donkey collected data from the U.S. Census and FBI crime statistics, and looked at seven factors for each one of Montana’s incorporated cities and towns. Those factors are restaurants, crime rate, commute, departure time, income, divorce rate and housing.

Rebecca Lake at wrote:

Between the spectacular views and truly epic sunsets, Montana really is a little corner of paradise on earth. The winters may be cold, but the people are warm, especially those living in our 10 favorite spots in Big Sky Country. These are the places where residents have the most reasons to be happy, from the range of dining options to the low crime rates, lower likelihood of divorce, and housing they can actually afford.

With all of the data collated, Great Falls ranked as the 5th-happiest in Montana.

The survey said of Great Falls: “It managed to climb to number five on our list based on how it rated for the average commute time, the violent crime rate and housing costs. There are plenty of things to do here, both indoors and out, as well as nearly 200 bars and restaurants where you can whet your whistle or your appetite.”

When it comes to overall livability and happiness, Miles City in eastern Montana topped the list.

Here are the top ten:

10. Missoula
9. Belgrade
8. Whitefish
7. Billings
6. Laurel
5. Great Falls
4. Helena
3. Bozeman
2. Havre
1. Miles City